(Operated by Personal Motor Coach Inc.)


  1. Next Stop School Busing contracts with a licensed carrier to operate the bus service and is not itself the carrier. Consequently, Next Stop School Busing accepts no liability for, and by accepting this agreement the student and the Parent/Custodian agree to and hereby release and discharge Next Stop School Busing from and against, all claims, actions, injury, damages and losses, that directly or indirectly arise or are incurred by the student and the Parent/Custodian out of or are related to the use of the bus service or the non-availability of the bus service, regardless of the circumstances.


  3. The registration of the student is for the full school year, for the school and on the route set out on the Registration form.
  4. Because Next Stop School Busing contracts seat space for the student for the full year, the Registration Fee (First installment) is due for the full amount and is non-refundable. This is regardless of any installment payment terms that may be offered, and whether or not the student uses or ceases to use the service. First installment set out on the completed registration form is required to ensure a seat on the bus.
  5. NO REFUNDS will be given after the registration deadline of June 15, 2017. The cost of busing is determined by ridership therefore parents must commit to the full school year
  6. If a Student no longer requires the service and finds a suitable replacement Student who pays the service fee for the remainder of the year, Next Stop School Busing will refund the replacement amount paid less the registration fee (first installment). Next Stop School Busing will be pleased to assist in finding a replacement student if it has a waiting list.
  7. A freeze will be in place on all bus routes the last week of August and the first week of September. In this time we will not make any changes to pickups or drop offs.
  8. Payments are due on the dates and amounts as stated on the Registration. If an installment is not paid when due, or if paid and a cheque is returned NSF, and if not fully paid plus late charge within three days:
    1. the entire remaining balance of the Service Fee will become fully due on demand by Next Stop School Busing; and
    2. the student may be denied boarding of a bus until payment is made.
  9. NSF cheques- $30 charge. Lost bus cards - $10 charge. One way riders – 70% of full fee if there is space. A fuel surcharge of up to $50 per student may be levied if charged by the carrier. HST is included in all charges. Any Visa or Master Card payments will be charged an additional 2%. All overdue accounts will bear interest at the rate of 2% per month.
  10. This is the entire agreement respecting the service; there are no terms, conditions, representations or warranties except as contained in this agreement; and this agreement supersedes all prior agreements. This agreement is not assignable by the student or Parent/Guardian.

Stop Locations, Weather
Next Stop School Busing provides the service of arranging a dedicated school bus on a morning route to pick up and deliver students to specific schools, and to return in the afternoon. Students are picked up and dropped off at pickup points on the assigned bus route. Students are expected to be at their designated stop 5 minutes before pick up time. Student and Parent/Custodian acknowledge and accept that buses may be delayed, or cancelled, due to weather, school closures, mechanical breakdown, and other reasons beyond the reasonable control of Next Stop School Busing or the carrier, and no refunds or compensation will be payable.

Late Registration
Applications received after the deadline will be accommodated only if space is still available. Routes will not be altered to accommodate late applicants. Parents are required to bring their student to existing stop locations and riders may have to walk a distance more than 750 meters.

Moving During the Year
A student who moves during the school year is permitted to ride on another Next Stop School Busing Bus provided there is space. They must go to an existing stop on the bus. If the bus route does not accommodate the students new address NO REFUNDS will be issued.

Student Behaviour/Discipline
The Student must exercise common sense and courtesy, and abide by all safety rules while aboard a bus or in close proximity to a bus. Next Stop School Busing may establish rules of conduct for registered students. Next Stop School Busing may permanently deny boarding for continued or serious misconduct or repeated breach of rules.

Bus drivers will report incidents of poor student behaviour in writing (pink slip) to Next Stop School Busing Management. If riding privileges are suspended, there will be NO REFUNDS for the cost of busing.

  • 1st Pink Slip – Parent/student notified of misbehaviour
  • 2nd Pink Slip – Parent/student notified of misbehaviour with suspension warning
  • 3rd Pink Slip –Parent/student notified of 1 week suspension

Any further misbehaviour following a 3rd pink slip may result in suspension from the bus for a period of time at the discretion of Next Stop management. Discipline action is case by case and based on the seriousness of the offense.