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Everybody Wins When Kids Ride the Bus

Most students will ride on a yellow school bus at least once during their school years, but many children also take the bus to school every day. This is a service that we are proud to supply at Next Stop School Busing. There are benefits for students, parents and schools when kids ride the bus to school.

Students Win

Kids that ride the bus to school can learn the values of independence and responsibility from a young age. The strict busing schedule and rules encourages them to manage their time wisely, responsibly carry personal belongings on the bus and get along with other bus riders. They will quickly develop the confidence to travel independently and the skill to navigate through their day on their own.

Parents Win

Parents can rest assured that their child has a safe and reliable ride to school on a school bus, while avoiding the chaos of the kiss-n-ride drop off and congested school zones. The convenience of making one less commute during rush hours affords parents a significant amount of extra time that can be better used for themselves and their families.

Schools Win

When there are fewer vehicles queued in school driveways, our school zones and the environment are safer for our kids. Using the school bus can reduce the pollution caused by individual cars and can make air in the community cleaner. Less overall traffic in school zones also make it safer for students playing near, walking and crossing the roads.