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Behind the Wheel: What Makes a Great School Bus Driver ?


Like the crossing guard, school monitors and staff – school bus drivers are an important part of the system that works to keep our kids safe during their school years. In addition to being skilled in operating a large vehicle, school bus drivers are required to possess a number of critical skills to maintain a safe and enjoyable environment.

A great school bus driver not only gets students to school on time, but should demonstrate the following skills to set the tone for a positive day:

Patience with Kids

Kids can get rowdy on a bus. Driving a large vehicle and making sure the students are not misbehaving takes quite a bit of skill and patience to master. A great school bus driver can handle all of that – and more! Taking the time to get to know their students` individual characters and needs helps to create a mutually trusting and respectful environment where drivers can effectively “keep their cool“ while managing students on the bus.

Quick response to issues

In instances where a disturbance or emergency might arise during the bus route. A great school bus driver knows how to act quickly while maintaining composure as well as the safety of the passengers. They keep informed on the medical conditions of students on board and know how to administer first aid.

Route & time management

A great bus driver knows their route through-and-through. They take the time to run routes before school opens and communicate concerns or ideas for improvement openly with their employer.

Safety First

A great school bus driver will always follow the route and stay on time, wear their seat belt, and make sure all rules of the road are followed. The bus will stop at railroad crossings, all traffic lights are respected, and the bus driver doesn’t speed, no matter what. Everyone is happy and safe!


At Next Stop School Busing we proudly acknowledge and celebrate the hard work of our great drivers!