Contact Information

P.O. Box 71120 Maplehurst
Burlington, ON
L7T 1J9

905 565 7083


Q. Where are the scheduled bus stops?

A. Next Stop School Busing provides a door-to-door service and routes are determined each year based on the location of registered riders.

Q. Can I bring a friend home with me on the bus occasionally?

A. No. Only students with a current bus card issued by Next Stop School Busing are permitted to ride the bus. Any passenger who is not registered with Next Stop School Busing is not insured to ride.

Q. May I take the school bus to an alternative destination after school (for a part-time job or  extracurricular activity, etc.)?

A. Yes. Students may ride the bus to get as close to an alternative destination as possible, as long as it’s en route and there is space available.

Q. Is one way service available?

A. Yes. One way service will be considered only after full riders are accommodated and if there is space left.  The fee for one way riders will be 70% of the full cost.

Q. What if I have multiple children who require the bus?

A. A discount of $100.00 will be applied to the second application in the same family.

Q. How can I stay updated on bus cancellations in bad weather or emergency circumstances?

Consult the following reliable sources for school and busing cancellations:
AM680 News Radio, City TV Breakfast Television, Follow us on Twitter @NextStopBusing


Request to receive notifications from Next Stop in Remind App and receive cancellation & delay updates right to your cellphone

Q. How do I register for the bus?

A. Please contact the office directly for registrations.

Q. How can I make my payments?

A. We accept payment through Visa, Master Card, Cheque, Cash and E-trans.

Next Stop was founded in 1994 with a key purpose, to provide children with a safe ride to school. Two working mothers joined forces to create a solution to bus their school aged children to and from school. 20 years later, this vibrant growing family business has travelled 1 million plus kilometres moving over 4000 students to and from school and extracurricular activities.