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Better Busing for Our Environment

Did you know that vehicle emissions are a leading contributor to severe air pollution and global warming?

In today’s sensitive climate, it’s important that businesses pay special attention to the impact that their product or service has on the environment. In the transportation industry, that means taking steps to reduce emissions and put cleaner vehicles on the road. Our team at Next Stop proudly supports the efforts that school officials, parents, students and busing providers all over the country are taking to Go Green.

Harmful emissions can be reduced by employing the following smart practices and clean technologies:

Reduce Idling: Limiting the idling of vehicles on roadways and school grounds reduces exhaust pollutants in the air, saves fuel, and reduces damage to the engine.

Replace & RetrofitUpdating older vehicles with clean diesel technologies and replacing older vehicles with new models that meet today’s updated emissions standards will greatly reduce health and pollution risks.

Stay Informed: Ensuring that school officials, bus drivers and students are educated about pollution causes and risks so that they can implement environmentally friendly policies that help to reduce further harm to the environment.


Riding the bus to school provides a safe and efficient commute for students. Let’s keep working together to make it safe for the environment too!