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It’s exam season again and our team at Next Stop wants to see all of our students advancing into the second semester without a hitch! We know a thing or two about performing under pressure – and the key to success is to study smarter, not harder. That means staying at the top of your game by using techniques that save time, cover more material and help to achieve your academic goals.

Here are four ways to help you study smart and ace those exams:

Have a Plan

Take some time to organize a study schedule and set goals. Use your agenda or day-planner to designate study time. Be specific: write down the subject and time, and note your study goals. For instance, you may reserve an hour of study time daily for Biology and set a goal to be able to fluent with definitions by the end of the week. Seeing your schedule and goals written down will keep you motivated and on track. Bonus Tip: Planning shorter, regular study sessions is more effective than marathon sessions – you`ll see better results without pulling all-nighters!

Stay Focused

Set the tone for a productive study session by making sure that your mind is alert, your body is healthy and your environment is free of distractions. Making sure all of these things are in check will help you to get the most out of your study session. Just as TV and cell phones are distracting, skipping meals and staying up all night will hinder our ability to focus and retain information.

Simplify & Summarize Your Work

If you haven’t been keeping your notes organized throughout the year, take some time to review the material and “cut the fat“. Challenge yourself to summarize each lesson into 1 page or less – writing out your summaries will help you to better understand and recall the details as you study. Use your summary notes to guide your study sessions.

Be Consistent

You know yourself best. Stick to your plan and continue to repeat the study methods that work best for you. Whether you prefer practice tests, flash cards or group study – maintaining a consistent routine will train your mind to recall information easier. The most effective study habit is a consistent one.

Good Luck!

*** Please Remember All of Our AM/PM Bus Pick-Ups & Drop-Offs Will Remain the Same During Exam Weeks***